ordering pcbs

  1. download board files from the homepage
    note: BOM and POS files are required if you want JLCPCB to assemble the components
  2. go to jlcpcb.com
  3. go to "Order now" and upload the gerber.zip file
  4. keep all values default, unless you wish to change quantity or soldermask color
  5. click the toggle box next to "PCB Assembly"
  6. choose "Assemble bottom side" and keep all other values default (unless otherwise noted in the board notes)
  7. upload the bom.csv and cpl.csv files
  8. confirm parts
    note: if parts are out of stock, either see our list of part alternatives or wait until parts come back in stock
  9. confirm part placement
    note: the parts may appear off the PCB, you can safely confirm and the JLCPCB engineers will send you an email with final confirmation once they are fixed
  10. pay for the order, and wait patiently until they ship
  11. flash the PCB with its respective firmware, and enjoy!

ordering cases

will be filled out when cases are released.

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