to make it easier for hobbyists to get replacement PCBs for older, or hard-to-find, keyboards.

to be a low-cost alternative for existing PCBs.

note: we do our best to ensure full drop-in compatibility.
some features may not be included to due cost, or complexity.

to offer simple case designs to breathe new life into existing PCBs or layouts.

note: our goal is not to make clones. all of our case designs may take inspiration from existing boards,
but they will never attempt to immitate the original case design.

how you can help

donate (donation link to be posted)

share this project with others

suggest pcbs (see: requests)


who are you? a group of passionate individuals seeking to reduce the difficulty building, and enjoying, older keyboards.

will you release source files for the PCBs, and cases? yes, once we've released our first set of PCBs and can ensure the quality is consistent across the PCBs.

what are your designs licensed under? all hardware source and production files are licensed under CERN OHL v2 Permissive.
files that are excluded by CERN OHL v2's "Covered Source" definition are licensed as Apache License 2.0.
note: we have no plans to patent any of our designs; these licenses were simply the best fit otherwise.

where can I order PCBs from? you can order them from any PCB manufacturer, but our files are optimized for ordering via JLCPCB.

can I purchase PCBs, or cases, from Keyllective? not at this time. since someone can order from JLCPCB in very low quantities, it makes it difficult for us to justify maintaining stock.
we are considering an ordering service that would let individuals pay us to do the ordering from a manufacturer for an additional fee.

help, my PCB doesn't work! while all PCBs listed have been ordered, and tested, we cannot warranty any PCBs ordered directly from a manufacturer.


if you need to get in touch with us, please open an issue on our GitHub: here. we do not currently have email, or a mailing address, set up to accept customer requests. we are working towards this some time later this year.

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